Tiny Ears

The Tiny Ears data management system for newborn hearing screening is a web app which could be used by Hospitals, Paediatricians and Audiologists.

The entire system is built on ring-fenced databases and complies with GDPR and POPPI regulations.

The flow of user on-boarding is as follows:

1. Hospital Managers can sign up for a new account at https://www.tinyears.co.za/hospital_registration
2. After the email automated registration process is completed, the Hospital Manager can send invites to one or more Paediatric Institutions and an Audiology Practices associated with the program.
3. A Paediatric Institution can then send invites to one or more Paediatric Users (Paediatricians) directly involved with the primary care of the newborn babies at the hospital.
4. An Audiology Practice can send invites to one or more Screeners employed by them to perform the hearing screening procedures (OAE and AABR) on the newborn babies.
5. Screeners can capture the data of Parents and Babies by using this mobile app.
6. Parents will receive an email with a link to register on the system. This would give them access to the screening information of their own baby / babies.

Other features:

– Screening Statistics (Refusal Rate, OAE Left and Right Ear Pass Rates, AABR Left and Right Ear Pass Rates, Return on Follow-up Rate)
– Follow up notes (visible to and editable by Screener, Audiologist and Paediatrician)
– Screening Equipment management (Adding / Removing equipment. Updating of equipment status: Fully Functional / Faulty / Sent for Repairs)
– Donate Button (PayGate integration to allow users to donate an amount of their own choosing towards the continual development of the system)